The Truth

Whatever I am going to say “Shall be the truth, nothing but the truth, the whole truth, so help me god.” What is the truth? In fact, what is truth?

Truth is something in accordance with a fact or reality. The term truth in religion is being overly used to present its genuine divinity and attract mankind to the message it unfolds. A common question among today’s youth whether they are Baha’is, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists, or etc. is whether the truth they hold is a fact or a belief. If each message is true, then how come we differ in our labels (another topic to be discussed in another post) or if each one has a firm believe that he/she holds the true message, then what is the truth?

It leaves an individual feeling lost and insecure. Part of it is doubt, the other part is inconsistency! We are beings that have a hunger for certainty which is challenging since such a notion contradicts the law of nature.  Investigation of the truth is a wonderful tool; however, it is not as lovely practiced as it is preached. One is left with an obvious paradox and a cognitive dysfunction. The truth is like an opinion, it varies from one person to another. The absolute truth is non-consistent in an ever-changing world. A truth is flexible in accordance to the perceiver, however, the perceiver has the ability to give such truth flexibility or limit its bound with certainty.

So what is the truth? In order for us to have a common vision of the truth, we need to have one common vision or understanding of reality which, again, impossible to attain. Awareness and understanding are two different elements. Understanding allows you to test a stimuli/event/data and be able to alternate it or fully comprehend its functioning whereas awareness makes you a part of that stimuli/event/data. In order for us to have a common vision, we need to have one common awareness as understanding could lead to a misunderstanding, however, awareness is universal and the truth is hidden in one of its realm.

The facts in accordance to my awareness are simple and do not need religion for citation. We are human beings in a world designed for our survival. We vary in shape, color, and culture depending on our historical background, geographical location, and dietary evolution. We live in a blue planet that someone back in history called Earth and it is filled with water in order to complement our own physical garment. We are primates mammals and are restricted to our animalistic nature, nevertheless, unlike similar/other species, we have the ability to innovate and present our superiority over the rest of species. Our cognitive abilities exceed other species in terms that we are aware of, as a result, our social integration has larger material outcomes that serve our needs. We have the ability to care, protect, or eliminate for/the rest of the species if we desired. We usually kill our own or other species for the misconception of survival. Reasons could include food, medicine, or material possession. We are constantly reminded by a creator or intelligent design of our mortality and insignificance by the act of death and the holographic view of our universe from our lovely planet. Our history repeats itself over and over again in terms of context. Our inability to understand our human nature forces us to repeat it unconsciously using “wishful thinking”. The laws of the universe/mankind are known to every man, yet, his attachment to his ego and animalistic drives limit his abilities to attain a higher status.

The truth remains that man is constantly striving to rise above his animalistic nature for a more noble station. He does have the ability and capacity to reach such a station but will require a high level of self-awareness in terms of self-assessment and evaluation. We do vary in backgrounds whether cultural or religious, at the same time, we are all connected whether we like it or not. We are all visitors of earth and so will our offspring as were our forefathers.

In our exciting era, globalization is getting us closer and the realization of our oneness is slowly unfolding its crystallization. One man’s story in Tunis moved millions of its citizens leading to its revolution inspiring bigger movements around the world. One physical square in North Africa filled with individuals inspired movements in Europe, Asia, and North America. On the contrary, an insurance company in USA degraded the lives of billions of individuals around the world. This is Earth! Earth is the truth and the truth belongs to its seekers around the world!

We are Earth, we are the universe, in fact, collectively, we are a presentation of the intelligent design. That is the truth! Let the message of your religion be a reflection of your awareness, not the other way around! The final truth is, we are one species, one being, one divinity, one earth, one universe, one intelligent design, and one truth. 

We are the truth!

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