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Jordan! I am here for about a year volunteering with a promising non-government organization called "youth energies society". My experience with the NGO has been mystical so far. We work with building capacities in the junior youth of Jordan. We follow a curriculum that is organized, analyzed, and evaluated on an international level. We focus on building a firm base for the junior youth as we believe that real tangible change will be through those highly intelligent individuals. We focus on enhancing their critical thinking abilities and empowering their social, material and spiritual dimensions. The program is Baha'i inspired but does not contain any sort of preaching material or religious motivation for that regard.

Jordan as a nation is very promising if the right tools and educational endeavours are applied. Nevertheless, it is still a very conservative nation. The political aspect of Jordan is stable in terms of sovereignty; however, people seem to differ on governance. The king is liked by the majority of the people and the royal family's reputation is in great shape historically. Life here is expensive compared to other neighbouring states. I might have not had a cultural shock when i moved from Bahrain to Canada since both nations are relatively liberal.  However, i find myself facing a cultural shock in Jordan. I guess this could be a great preparation if god chose my next destination to be back to Egypt.

I started my first week by being introduced to the NGO's operations and was introduced to the junior youth members of which I would animate. I am here on a mission. I am dedicating a year of my life to understand many things I have been questioning and I have been told that in service, you will find the answers.
I have been having a hard time blogging the past year as there was nothing really interesting to share. However, lately, I have been finding inspiration in the simplest things. A scenery would spark so many thoughts on a specific topic. Right now, I am working on the idea of “forbidden” in religion and a post will be uploaded shortly.
Hope you are all well and safe :)

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  1. Looking forward to drinking from the stream of inspiration! I love you, and I love what you do.


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