For the love of god, Love god. I always wonder why we are never satisfied with the idea of unity in diversity. Even though some religions teach such a concept, we always take steps and actions that totally contradicts with it. We are so ignorant in our understanding of God. Knowing God is by far the most annoying task mankind has to go through with almost a 100% failure rate. Having the illusion of knowing god is so wide-spread among mankind which results in nothing more than the reinforcement of ignorance in people’s mind. Awakening of the soul does not mean the death of the mind but rather the death of the ego.

Why do we always try to fight against any belief that is against ours and fool our self into thinking that we are the right religion by whatever justification needed! We justify our belief by falsifying others whether consciously or unconsciously. Why do we need certainty in a doctrine?!

Why can’t we all just be who we need to be in order for the world to become what it was meant to be? No one wins in the whole “my religion is the truth” competition because frankly, we are all ignorant in our own diverse unique way. 

For example, when we tend to look at a person struggling from his religious views, we take it as a positive reinforcement that what he is going through is the incompetence of his religion and that if he would search for the "light", he would come to the writings of “our” religion. However, when one from “our” own religion goes through the same struggle, we blame his spirituality, his priorities, or his lifestyle without even considering the fact that it might be the way we view “our” religion that is causing him discomfort. When will we wake up and stop this incredibly annoying habit of demanding perfection in our way of thinking and the method by which we evaluate our beliefs. We are too bias in our own religion and refuse or fear to seek the "truth" in order to stay in the comfort zone. 

Why can’t you just be the best Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Baha’i, or agnostic that you can be and work together to build the best civilization ever existed. Why do you have to spend most of your life competing on proving your religion to the world rather than providing the essence of your religion in action without any hidden agenda or aim for any converts to satisfy your ego and the so-called “love” to your manifestation that literally does nothing but feed your own ignorance/ego?

According to my limited readings, not a single manifestation gave any significance on the quantity of their followers as much as they cared that their message was well understood and applied in the world with a “label-free” strategy.

We are all nothing, and everything. We are amazing individuals. With the right education and tolerance, we would be mirrors of god on earth. We are beings that constantly demand the evolution of thought and progress! We are awesome creatures that were created to simply be awesome! Why are we so freaking lame with this whole childish competition!

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