The 0.1 Generation

The notion of power prioritized by ever leader or shareholder in that matter, crafts an untitled generation. Capitalism being the only sensible theology replacing theocracy becomes the slogan of globalization. Providing a raison d'être to the conception of “ends justify means” rules out any form of consequentialism.

Yes, the world is a mess. Responsible to that muddle is man himself. Destructing thoughts in forms of policies, philosophies or religions while disregarding its essence of existence makes man the victim of his own defense. Overshadowed as our generation is with an absolute sovereign known as the media where it controls not only our thoughts, but our actions and attributions. Logic and rationale becomes our sort of uniqueness where faith and spirituality becomes a faded resort. Science and technology swap god and divinity as materialism becomes our norm. Criticism and manipulation surrounds us while our minds are too juvenile to where the truth holds.

This is our generation, the generation of revolts that our revolutionary fathers once dreamt of. Modernity is their approach while westernization is their accusation. The shift seems tough for the generation’s traditionalist minority trying to cope with a false majority. The shift seems easy to the weak ignorant minds trying to change their thoughts for a sense of belong. Only now do we begin to realize that our generation is unidentified. We are the unlabeled group of outsiders seeking to find the essence of being. We generalize the whole lot as I am doing in this thought, while having the illusion of knowledge undermine our result.

This is for the conflicts of generations. Learn our past, to discover the future. Scientifically, religiously, philosophically, or even philologically as there is no limit to the approach. I will fight for you right as your needs are evolving. I will understand your precepts as your thoughts are developing. I will protect women rights, homosexuals, religious minorities, disabilities, environment concerns, and political derived agonies.

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